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What data does Inkatlas collect?

Inkatlas stores all the data users submit to create maps (via the web interface or the developer API). This includes map titles, descriptions, and any GPS tracks or other geospatial data users choose to upload.

Email addresses are collected for registered users or those who opt in to receive email notifications. User IP addresses may also be collected.

How is this data used?

Inkatlas treats all user data as confidential. User data is never shared with third parties for any purposes. Data submitted to create maps is stored to keep these maps available in the future, and may be analyzed to improve the quality of the service. Email addresses are used to identify registered users and for opt-in notifications. IP addresses are collected to prevent abuse and for site statistics.

How long is this data stored?

For the purpose of keeping maps available to users, user data is stored indefinitely.

Where is this data stored?

All user data is currently stored in secure data centers in Germany.

What about cookies?

Cookies are used on the Inkatlas site to enable user accounts, orders, and other functionality. They do not track user activities or preferences.


To request the permanent removal of your data from our systems (or for any other inquires), please email